The Bed & Breakfast in Acquaviva




Via Eustachio Fasano, 16
70021 Acquaviva, Bari

Tel : +39 346 867 3987




• Unless special needs of our guests, delivery of the room is expected after 14 hours. We ask that you notify us of the expected arrival time at least the morning of the day of arrival.

• Guests are welcome, upon arrival, to show an identification document and regularize the payment of the booked stay.

• The price agreed for the stay at our B&B includes the use of the room, the bathroom, the tv, and complimentary breakfast (any food intolerances or allergies should be communicated to the manager at the time of booking).

• Supply and change of bed linen after the fifth day of stay, supply and change of linen and towels two times a week. The change of bed linen extraordinary is not included in the price, such as cleanings.

• Daily cleaning of the premises during the hours communicated to the customer by the holder or by a person indicated by him. It is recommended that the use of civil and toilet avoiding to throw anything in the W. C. (use the appropriate recycle bin that you find in the bathroom).

• Smoking is prohibited inside the premises.

• It is forbidden to connect to the electrical any appliance with the exception of the electric shaver, hair dryer, charger.....

• Also not allowed for reasons of Public Security, guests do have access to other people within the B&B at any time.

• It is recommended to respect the silence in the canonical hours 22:00 – 08:00 and 14:00 – 16:00.

• Each guest is obliged to compensate any damage caused to the B&B and the improper use of additional equipment. At the end of the stay, will be handed the keys. In case of loss will be charged for the damage, which includes the exchange of the lock of the entrance and of the room.

• We do not accept any responsibility for the loss, theft or damage to objects of your property. We are not liable for any failure due to total or partial lack of supplies of gas, electricity, water, not dependent on our will.

• It is recommended that on the day of departure rooms to be vacated the cavern 10:00 to allow cleaning and delivery to new guests.